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About Us

The general information, business model, licenses, and security-related topics about Haru Invest

Account Setup

Topics about signup and 2-Factor Authentication

Account Support

Topics about sign-in issues, KYC verification, account information change, and statement document requests.

Haru Wallet

Topics about deposits into / withdrawals from Haru Wallet

Haru Earn

Topics about Haru Invest featured earning products: Earn Plus and Earn Explore

Haru Switch

Topics about swapping cryptocurrencies in Haru Invest

Haru Freeze

Topics about Frosts, Crystals, and the Marketplace for trading Earn Plus lockups (Frosts)

Loyalty Program

Topic about "Luminary Club", the exclusive service for our distinguished members only.

Referral Program

Topics about Hosts, Friends, and Grades about Referral Program

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