1. Profile Details (This will be auto-completed based on the Haru Invest account)

2. Upload your Identity document for POI (Proof of Identity) 
* Select any of the documents you have, but we recommend the passport 




3. Let’s take a Selfie
* AI system will read your photo and determine whether it is authentic
* Using a printed picture or another person's picture on the screen of the different digital devices is prohibited and will be auto-detected and failed. 
* Do not take your selfie in a place where it's too dark or bright. 


4. Take an instant photo of the required document or upload a photo of the required document.

  * You may use the bank statement or driver's license or any other photo ID that states your residence. 

* AI System will detect if the screenshot of your POA document is submitted, and It will reject your POA. Please take a picture of the actual document or photo ID with your address. 

5. If you see this page below, let’s wait for KYC completion.

If re-submission is required, please read our guidelines on this page once again for re-try
If you are rejected, you can contact us and we will review the status of your KYC and the reason of rejection is not critical to our service. 
If the reason found for KYC rejection is reasonable,  we will reset only once. 
*We do not tell our Haru Invest member why they are rejected due to our customer policy. 

If you need further assistance, please click here to submit a request.

* Customer Support does not manually upload any of your attachments for your KYC to be completed Thus, you do not have to upload any of your documents.

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