How do I make a withdrawal from Haru Wallet?

          1. Log into your account from the "Home" tab. Tap the purple circle icon of "Haru Wallet" near the bottom of your screen.how_to_withdraw_1.PNG
          2. Tap the "Withdraw" button on the Haru Wallet page.how_to_withdraw_2.PNG
          3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. how_to_withdraw_3.PNG
          4. Please note that we only support the following networks:
            BTC: Bitcoin Legacy, Nested Segwit, Native Segwit, Taproot network
            ETH: Ethereum Network
            USDT: Ethereum Network
            USDC: Ethereum Network
            XRP : Ripple Network how_to_withdraw_4.PNG
          5. Enter the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.how_to_withdraw_5.PNG
          6. Enter your withdrawal address in the blank box. Always double-check your address and supported network.  how_to_withdraw_6.PNG
          7. If you're a resident of South Korea, please note that UPbit is the only South Korean exchange supported by Haru Invest. how_to_withdraw_7.PNG
          8. After entering the withdrawal address, tap "Continue" to enter your password. If you've activated 2-Factor Authentication, 2FA OTP will be requested. how_to_withdraw_9.PNGhow_to_withdraw_10.PNG
          9. Check the withdrawal amount and address before you tap "Complete my withdrawal."how_to_withdraw_11.PNGhow_to_withdraw_12.PNG
          10. To view your withdrawal history and status, go to "Home" -> "Haru Wallet" -> "Recent Transactions" and tap the transaction you wish to view.how_to_withdraw_13.PNGhow_to_withdraw_14.PNGwithdrawal_transaction_initiated.PNG
          11. Upon confirmation of the withdrawal request, you'll receive a confirmation email in your designated inbox, and a push notification to your mobile device.how_to_withdraw_17.PNGhow_to_withdraw_16.PNG
          12. When the withdrawal is completed, you'll receive a withdrawal transaction confirmation email in your designated inbox, and another push notification to your mobile device.how_to_withdraw_17.PNGhow_to_withdraw_18.PNG

For further assistance, please click here to contact our Support team. 

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