How do I make a withdrawal from Haru Wallet?

          1. Once you log into your account at the "Home" page, you will want to click on the "Withdraw" button in Haru Wallet near the bottom of your screen.how_to_withdraw_1.PNG
          2. You'll want to select the asset type of your choice.how_to_withdraw_2.PNG
          3. Please remember we only support the following networks:
            BTC: Bitcoin Legacy Network
            ETH: Ethereum Network
            USDT: Ethereum Network
            USDC: Ethereum Network
            XRP : Ripple Network how_to_withdraw_3.PNG
          4. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.how_to_withdraw_4.PNG
          5. Paste your withdrawal address. Always double-check your address and supported network.how_to_withdraw_5.PNG
          6. In the case of South Korean residency or nationality, the withdrawal might be restricted due to FATF Travel Rule. By far, among the Korean exchanges, only transactions with Upbit are supported.how_to_withdraw_6.PNG
          7. After inputting the withdrawal address, click "Continue" to enter your passwords. If you have activated 2-Factor Authentication, 2FA OTP will be requested after passwords.how_to_withdraw_7.PNGhow_to_withdraw_8.PNGhow_to_withdraw_9.PNG
          8. Final check the withdrawal amount and address then click "Complete my withdrawal" to confirm the withdrawal request.how_to_withdraw_10.PNGhow_to_withdraw_11.PNG
          9. To view your withdrawal history and status, you will want to follow "Home" -> "Haru Wallet" -> "Recent Transactions" and click the transaction of your choice.how_to_withdraw_12.PNGhow_to_withdraw_13.PNGhow_to_withdraw_14.PNG
          10. Upon confirmation of the withdrawal request, mail notification will be sent to your account email address.how_to_withdraw_15.PNG

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