How can I create an Earn Plus lockup?

      1. From your "Earn" page, click "Start Earn Plus" button under "Products" tab. IMG_1910.PNGOr from your "Earn" page, click "Add" on the right of "Earn Plus" under "Portfolio" tabIMG_1909.PNG
      2. Select your asset type, enter your amount and select your lockup period.IMG_1911.PNGIMG_1912.PNG
      3. Review your lockup details and confirm. If you do not want Auto-Renewal, please make sure to toggle it off. (You can disable Auto-Renewal anytime before the ending date).IMG_1913.PNGIMG_1914.PNG

        According to the Terms and Conditions, please note that early cancellation of Earn Plus lockup is NOT supported.

      4. The new Earn Plus lockup can be found under your "Portfolio" tab on the "Earn" page.IMG_1916.PNGIMG_1917.PNG


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