How to create an Earn Explore lockup

    1. Go to 'Earn,' tap 'Products', tap 'Start Earn Explore', and choose one of the following Earn Explore products:
      - Earn Like the Best (BTC)
      - Beyond Staking (ETH)
      - Surf with the Volatility (USDT)
      - Farming Just Got Easier (Liquidity Provider)htc_ee_2.PNG
      Go to 'Earn' and tap 'Add' found next to 'Earn Explore' htc_ee_1.PNG
    2. Read through the recommendation notice and tap 'Get Started' htc_ee_3.PNG
    3. Read through the terms and conditions, tap 'Agree to all', and tap 'Agree and Start'htc_ee_4.PNGhtc_ee_5.PNG
    4. Enter the amount you want to lockup htc_ee_7.PNG
    5. Tap confirm after reviewing your lockup details

      Auto renewal can be adjusted until the day before the lockup ends.

    6. Go to the 'Portfolio' tab in 'Earn' to view your Earn Explore lockup.





    If you need more help, submit a request here.

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