How to buy Frost on Marketplace

Here's a simple video tutorial on how to buy Frost:


Please refer to the steps below for more detailed instructions:

    1. Go to Freeze > Marketplace to choose the Frost you want to buy. buy_frost_1.PNG
    2. Check the details of your Frost and tap 'Buy Now.' buy_frost_2.PNG
    3. Check the details of the order before you tap 'Checkout.'buy_frost_3.PNGbuy_frost_4.png
    4.  To melt the purchased Frost, go to 'Settings' on the Frost detail page. buy_frost_5.png
    5. Tap 'Melt my Frost' at the bottom of the screen, then confirm at the pop-up page.buy_frost_6.PNGbuy_frost_7.PNGbuy_frost_8.PNG

    6. To check the melted Frost, go to Haru Earn > Portfolio.




If you have any questions, please click here for further assistance. 

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