How do I sell my Frost on Marketplace?

Here's a tutorial that explains how to sell your Frost on Marketplace:

Please refer to the steps below for more detailed instructions:

      1. There are two ways to sell your Frost on Marketplace.
        Method 1-1.
        Tap 'Sell it here today' or '+'  at the bottom right of the screen to select the Earn Plus lockup you want to list on Marketplace.3-1.png
        Method 1-2. Select the Earn Plus lockup or Frost you want to sell and set the price.4-1.PNG
        Method 2-1.
        Tap the Earn Plus lockup by going to Earn > Portfolio. sell_frost_1.png

        Method 2-2 Tap '···' on the top right of the screen to enter the detail page of the lockup.sell_frost_2.png

        Method 2-3. Tap 'Try It Out' sell_frost_3.pngMethod 2-4. Tap 'Sell my Frost,' then set the price.sell_frost_4.png



      2. Please note that you can further reduce the price by tapping -1%, -3%" or "-5%. Tap multiple times until you see the price you want. Once you're done, tap 'Set my price.' sell_frost_5.PNG
      3. Check the details of your payment (excluding the listing fee), then tap 'List it now.'sell_frost_6.pngsell_frost_7.PNG
      4. You can check the details of your listed Frost or change the setting by tapping the tabs on the Frost detail page.sell_frost_8.png
      5. To adjust the price or cancel the listing, tap 'Setting.'sell_frost_9.PNG


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