Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Haru Invest.

Does Haru Invest have any externally verified investment records?

Haru Invest is a business unit of the current parent company, Blockcrafters. When the service launched, it attracted strategic investments from Yang-Hyun Cheon, the former chairman of NHN Japan and the current chairman of Cocone (as of 2020), as well as venture capitals DT & Investment and T Investment.

How does Haru Invest manage the crypto assets?

Haru Invest is a centralized crypto asset management company. Despite most loan-to-deposit spreads CeFi earning platforms, Haru Invest utilizes users’ assets in algorithmic trading. 

Haru Invest adopts the secure wallet service from BitGo, a world’s leading institutional digital asset financial service provider, to handle the direct transactions with users. 

All the crypto assets are managed directly by the in-house trading teams and trusted partners under periodic thorough due diligence and deployed for algorithmic trading in the top 10 crypto exchange platforms with the most daily trade volumes.

Haru Invest targets on increasing the absolute number of cryptocurrencies rather than the fiat value. Market inefficiency driven algorithmic strategies are employed for risk-adverse hedged tradings, among which there are three major strategies as following:

  • Market Neutral Strategy
  • Spread Trading
  • Arbitrage Trading

Besides the above strategies, Haru Invest in-house trading have always been researching, developing and evolving different algorithmic strategies to catch up with the rapid changing crypto market. 

Any possibilities for losses during the investment management period?

All cases of investments have a potential loss due to investment management. Our business model and investment strategy are designed to create a more absolute number of cryptocurrencies at a stable rate of return not only during the uptrend but also in the downtrend market. However, there are possible losses due to investment management depending on the market conditions.

How safe are the assets deposited in Haru Invest against security breaches?

Haru Invest partners with the leading secure crypto wallet solution provider Bitgo to manage all user deposits in top security. Any deposit or withdrawal has to go through several security protocols including Bitgo cold wallets, then be transferred to Haru Invest algorithm trading system. 

Different from DeFi services whose security highly rely on the smart contracts that are usually vulnerable to multiple hacking methods and sluggish in defending unprecedented hacking techniques, Haru Invest, as a CeFi platform, is technically born immune against all those successful hacking attempts on DeFi services.

Haru Invest spread the users’ assets evenly over global top 10 exchanges for algorithmic trading, so as to secure the liquidity and minimize the impact in case the exchanges halt withdrawal or even bankrupt. 

Unless the exchanges are hacked, it’s almost impossible to penetrate both Bitgo and Haru Invest to steal the user assets. 

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