Has Haru Invest received any verified investments before?
Following our launch in 2019, Haru Invest has attracted strategic investments from Yang-Hyun Cheon, the former chairman of NHN Japan and the current chairman of Cocone (as of 2020), as well as venture capitals DT & Investment and T Investment.
How does Haru Invest manage my crypto assets?
Haru Invest is a CeFi (centralized finance) crypto asset management platform. Unlike other CeFis that use a borrowing and lending model, we use algorithmic trading to grow deposited crypto assets and distribute competitive earnings to our members.

We're also partnered with BitGo, a leading digital asset financial service provider, which allows us to adopt a secure wallet system to handle direct user transactions.

All your crypto assets are managed directly by our in-house trading team and trusted global partners. Our global partners come from the top 10 crypto exchange platforms with a proven record of high daily trade volume and adoption of algorithmic trading strategies. They must also satisfy our periodic performance requirements.

Haru Invest targets increasing the absolute number of crypto assets rather than the fiat value. We use risk-averse algorithmic strategies that leverage market inefficiency, as seen below:

  • Market Neutral Strategy
  • Spread Trading Strategy
  • Arbitrage Trading Strategy

Our in-house trading team continuously researches and develops different algorithmic strategies to stay updated on the ever-changing market.

Are there any possibilities of loss while I'm investing on your platform?
All investments carry a risk of loss of varying extents due to investment management and market conditions. As a solution, we've developed a solid business model and diverse investment strategies to minimize this risk. We create an absolute number of crypto assets at a stable rate of return during uptrend and downtrend markets.
What measures has Haru Invest taken against potential security breaches?

In addition to our partnership with BitGo, all deposits and withdrawals must go through multi-layered security protocols. This includes BitGo cold wallets, which can then be transferred to the Haru Invest algorithmic trading system.

Unlike many DeFi platforms that rely on smart contracts, which are vulnerable to unprecedented hacking attempts, Haru Invest has a proven record of immunity against such attempts.

We distribute our members’ assets evenly among the top 10 exchanges worldwide in order to implement algorithmic trading and hence, secure liquidity and minimize the impact in case that exchanges halt withdrawals or go bankrupt.

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