101 tips for sign-up, tips for the verifications process, and 2FA setup.

Here, we contain tips to ensure a smoother process for signing up, getting your verification process approved, and enhancing your account's security with 2FA.

1) How to sign up

Please ensure your login credentials for your Haru Invest account and email account are different.

* We strongly recommend that you set up 2FA using your official email account to block any breach from other countries' IPs. 

2) How to get your verification process approved 

If you need help verifying your account, please check that you have all the documents needed. Also, please check if your current residence or nationality is listed in the restricted area list.

* Click here for more information 

3) How to set up your OTP code for 2FA

It is very important to secure your Haru Invest account. To boost your account security, you can set up an OTP to prevent unusual login attempts from unusual IPs or locations.

*Please note that all security options during the login and withdrawal process are only effective upon user choices. Haru Invest is not responsible for any asset loss nor entitled to provide reimbursement for any security breach cases caused by the exposure of the login device to any unauthorized party or compromised user privacy information.

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