Class 101 for Sign up , KYC verfication and 2FA set up for our new Haru Invest members


Welcome to Class 101 for all of your required procedure to continue your crypto life with Haru Invest 

This guide contains How to Sign up / How to get KYC approved / How to double secure your account with 2FA


Click following menu in order : 


1) How to sign up 

Make sure your login credential for Haru Invest account and your original email accounts are different.

* We strongly recommend that you set up 2FA on the original email account and block any breach from different country IP. 


2) How to get KYC approved

If your KYC approval is kept being rejected, it could be due to lack of proper document submitted or your current residence or nationality is listed in restricted area list.

* Click here for more information


3) How to set up your OTP code for 2FA 

It is very important to secure your Haru Invest account. Not just only for sign-in but setting up OTP will enhance your account protection from unusual login attempt from unusual IP or location. 


*Please note that all above security options during login and withdrawal process are only effective upon user choices.  For the security breach cases caused by the exposure of login device to any unauthorized party or the compromised user privacy information, Haru Invest is not responsible for any asset loss or any reinbursment to it.


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