How does Haru Invest manage the crypto assets?

Haru Invest is a centralized crypto asset management company.

Despite most CeFi Earning platforms operating based on borrowing-lending, Haru Invest utilizes users’ crypto assets in algorithmic trading. 

Haru Invest adopts the secure wallet service from BitGo, a world’s leading institutional digital asset financial service provider, to handle the direct transactions with users. 

All the crypto assets are managed directly by the Haru Invest trading strategy teams and trusted partners under periodic thorough due diligence and deployed for algorithmic trading in the top crypto exchange platforms with the highest daily trade volumes.

Haru Invest targets on increasing the absolute number of cryptocurrencies not the fiat value.

Market inefficiency driven algorithmic strategies are employed for risk-adverse hedged trading, among which there are four major strategies as following:

  • Market Neutral Strategy based on Crypto Derivate exchange
  • Spread Trading based on Crypto Derivate exchange
  • Arbitrage Trading based on Crypto Derivate exchange
  • Option Trading based on Crypto Derivate exchange


Besides the above strategies, Haru Invest's trading strategy teams have always been researching, developing and evolving different algorithmic strategies to catch up with the rapid changing crypto market. 


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