How is Haru Invest's AUM impacted by market conditions?

All of the customers' investment assets are directly managed within Haru Invest. We do not lend our members' crypto to third-party CeFi or Defi platforms.

Our services are relatively free in terms of financial liquidity issues. This is because our investment assets are based on fixed-term lock products.

This means that members are unable to cancel lockups during the lock up period even if the value of fiat currency shows a significant fluctuation in the crypto market unless the expiration date has been reached.

The creation date and expiration date of lockup products differ for each individual. Most have long-term lockups of 6 months to 1 year. It is maintained on a stable and stable scale.

Haru Invest does not and will not pause the withdrawal of expired lockup products to prevent massive withdrawal, which is unlikely to happen due to structural reasons.

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