I would like to increase the security level of my account in Haru Invest. What should I do?

There are multiple methods to strengthen the account security in Haru Invest:

  • 2FA for withdrawal via Google Authentication OTP or Authy OTP
  • Biometric authentication via the mobile phone
  • Pin code setup other than account passwords

Please note that all above security options during login and withdrawal processes are only effective upon user's choices. 

For the security breach cases caused by the exposure of login device to any unauthorized party or the compromised user privacy information, Haru Invest is not responsible for any asset loss or any reimbursement to it.

However, Haru Invest will provide all possible information and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to help with the victim cases caused by compromised user privacy.


For more information, click here to learn everything about 2FA set up.

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