1. What cryptocurrency and network are supported in Haru Invest?

The supported cryptocurrencies and networks used for deposits/withdrawals are listed below:

  • ETH: Ethereum Network only
  • USDT: ERC-20 only
  • BTC: Bitcoin Legacy Network only
  • XRP: Ripple only

* Only the cryptocurrency types in the above list are allowed for deposit or withdrawal via the supported network, respectively.  




2. How long will it take to make a deposit in Haru Wallet?


The time it takes to safely deposit your cryptocurrency to the Haru wallet is as follows:


BTC: Usually takes 3 to 4 hours, only supports Bitcoin-Legacy Network

ETH: Usually takes 40 minutes to 1 hour, only supports Ethereum Network

USDT: Usually takes 40 minutes to 1 hour, only supports ERC-20

XRP: Usually takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes , only supports Ripple


The time measured above depends on the blockchain network condition and the security protocols for any deposit at Haru Wallet. Make sure to input the correct deposit address and use the supported network, and you will be able to confirm the deposit from your Haru Wallet after the time mentioned above.


Please be aware of the following for S.Korea Haru Invest members:

Currently, in the case of direct deposits/withdrawals between Haru Invest and South Korea-based Exchanges, Your withdrawal may be restricted due to the FATF Travel Rule.


Please note Haru Invest currently only supports transactions with Upbit.

Currently, in the cases of transactions with South Korea-based exchanges, Haru Invest only supports transactions with Upbit in compliance with the FATF Travel Rule. 

Please note that transactions with other Korean exchanges are not supported and may cause permanent asset loss.

You need to double-check the address and blockchain network being used before depositing at Haru Wallet. The wrong deposit address or unsupported network will cause permanent asset loss.




3. How long does it take to withdraw from Haru Wallet?

  1. Only withdrawals via the designated networks are allowed.

The supported networks for each cryptocurrency type are as follows:

  • BTC: Bitcoin Legacy only
  • ETH: Ethereum network only
  • USDT: ERC-20 only
  • XRP : Ripple only

Please double-check the correctness of the withdrawal address and the network before requesting any withdrawal. 

Haru Invest is not responsible for any possible asset loss caused by withdrawal to a wrong address or via an unsupported network.

The withdrawal from Haru Invest proceeds as follows.

  • When a withdrawal from Haru Wallet is requested, there will be an auto-sent notification mail titled“Withdrawal Requested” to your account email address. If you cannot receive this email, please check your email account settings or the spam mailbox.
  • The whole withdrawal process takes up to 24 hours. On average, it takes around 10 hours. Please note that the withdrawal process is automatically conducted by the system. Hence there is no way to interrupt or accelerate the process. 
  • When a withdrawal from Hau Wallet is completed, there will be an auto-sent notification email titled “Withdrawal Successful” to your account email address with TXID included. If you cannot receive this email, please check your email account settings or the spam mailbox.

Additional details regarding the withdrawal process can be found here.



4. I withdrew to an incorrect wallet address or an address of an unsupported blockchain network. What should I do?

All the deposits and withdrawals at Haru Invest are only possible through the designated network.

  • BTC: Bitcoin Legacy only
  • ETH: Ethereum network only
  • USDT: ERC-20 only
  • XRP: Ripple only

When withdrawing from Haru Invest, you must check in advance whether the withdrawal address is correct and whether the network is supported by Haru Invest. 

If the withdrawal to the incorrect address is already completed and the TXID is sent to you via email, it is impossible to reverse the transaction by Haru Invest.

We recommend you turn to the wallet service provider for further assistance.











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