New Referral Program (Temporarily paused at this moment)

The Referral Program is paused as of Oct 21, 2022 (UTC).

This article is based on the information before Oct 21, 2022. It may contain features that are not available currently.

Referral Code

1. Issuing Referral Code

A referral code can be issued if you meet the following two conditions:

Step 1. Email is verified 

Step 2. Your identity is verified

You can check your referral code on the "Refer and Earn" page.

2. How to use Referral Code

1) Referral Host

Hosts can invite their Friends by copying their referral code or sharing their referral link with a unique referral code from the "Refer and Earn" menu.

*The Host can invite an unlimited number of Friends.

2) Referral Friend

Your Friend can sign up for a Haru Invest membership using a Referral Code as follows:

-Sign up for the Haru Invest membership through the referral link. Your referral code will be automatically filled in on the member registration page.

-Sign up by entering the referral code on the membership sign-up page (no referral link).

-Each Friend can only register one referral code and not remove or change it after signing up.

Referral codes can be issued as follows:

1) Referral codes must be issued with 8 random uppercase letters or random numbers.

2) Existing referral codes (uppercase letters/lowercase letters/numbers) are inherited. The inherited referral codes are no longer case-sensitive.

The inherited referral codes issued during the beta program are subject to Referral Program 1.0 rules. Once issued, the referral code cannot be changed.


Referral Code Terminology

Issuing referral code

How to use referral code


Hosts can invite an unlimited number of Friends.


Each Friend can only register one referral code.

Friends cannot remove or change the referral code after signing up.

How to register a referral code after signing up.

The referral code cannot be added to an account after signing up.

Referral Reward

Welcome Referral Reward

What is Welcome Referral Reward?

It is a Referral Reward that both the Host and the invited Friend can receive when the Friend accomplishes the Referral Mission (meeting the lockup requirement).

What's the Referral Mission (lockup requirement)?

  • If the Friend creates a new lockup worth over $500 after signing up, the Host and Friend will each receive $25 worth of BTC as a Welcome Referral Reward.
  • For Friends who signed up with a Referral Code before the Refer & Earn Program launch, please refer to the FAQs.
  • The Referral Mission mentioned above is subject to change as of Oct 11, 2022.

Can I receive multiple rewards?

  • The Host can receive Welcome Referral Reward whenever the invited Friends accomplish Referral Mission.
  • Friends can be rewarded only once with Welcome Referral Reward.

Welcome Referral Reward

  1. Reward conditions
  2. New Friends (members who sign up after the Refer and Earn Program launch on Oct 11, 2022). Friends who sign up via invitation from the Host and accomplish Referral Mission.
  3. The conditions for a successful Referral Mission are as follows.
  4. Create one Earn Plus or Earn Explore lockup with an equivalent value of over $500.
    1. Your crypto price (USD) is calculated based on the previous day's closing price of BTC, ETH, USDT, and XRP in USD on Coinmarketcap.
    2. The Earn Plus lockup melted and purchased from Marketplace does not count.
    3. The $500 requirement is subject to change.
  5. An inherited Friend from the beta Referral Program (Members who signed up with a referral code before the launch of Refer & Earn Program on Oct 11, 2022)
    1. Only Friends who signed up with a referral code but never created lockup products are eligible.
    2. Friends must have accomplished the Referral Mission.
    3. The conditions for a successful Referral Mission are the same as for new members above.
    4. Your Friend can and will only be rewarded once with Welcome Referral Reward.
  6. Host
    1. They must invite Friends to accomplish Referral Mission.
    2. The Host can receive unlimited Welcome Referral Rewards.
  7. Reward payment time ****
    1. The reward will be deposited when you create a lockup of $500 or more.
  8. Payment Amount and Currency
    1. Friend: $25 worth of BTC
  9. Host
    1. Grade 1/2: $25 worth of BTC
    2. Grade 3: $25 worth of BTC
    3. Your crypto price (USD) is calculated based on the previous day's USD closing price of BTC, ETH, USDT, and XRP on Coinmarketcap.
  10. Others
    1. Welcome Referral Reward will be deposited into Haru Wallet.
    2. The reward deposit record can be found as "Welcome Referral Reward" in the transaction history.
    3. All contents of the Welcome Referral Reward are always subject to change according to the policy.
    4. Referral Reward payment may be halted if there's any violation of the Terms of Referral Program by the member.

Earn Referral Reward

What is Earn Referral Reward?

      1. The Referral Reward paid to the Host equals up to 5% of the total earnings of the Friend's Earn Plus and Earn Explore products (Eligible for Host grade 2 and above).
      2. Earnings from Haru Wallet will not count.
      3. Earn Referral Reward is paid in the same crypto as the Friend's earnings.

Is there an expiration date for Earn Referral Reward?

      1. Earn Referral Reward is valid 730 days from the Friend's sign-up date.

Are there any limits on the amount of Earn Referral Reward?

      1. The Host can be rewarded an unlimited amount and times of Earn Referral Reward.


Earn Referral Reward Policy

  1. Reward payment condition
    1. Only Hosts of Grade 2 and above are eligible.
    2. Earn Referral Reward for Host is valid for 730 days from the Friend's sign-up date.
  2. Earn Referral Reward rate calculation upon change of the Grade:
    1. Earn Explore: The rate is based on the latest Host Grade before the end date.
    2. Earn Plus: The rate is based on the latest Host Grade before the daily earnings are paid out.
  3. Reward payout time
  4. When the earnings of a Friend's lockup are paid out, the Grade 2/3 Host will be rewarded the amount of 2-5% of those earnings in the same crypto type.
    1. Earn Plus: The reward is paid to the Host upon the Friend's Earn Plus daily earnings payout.
  5. Earn Explore: The Host receives rewards upon completing the Friend's Earn Explore lockup settlement.
    1. Auto-Renewal does not affect earnings calculation.
    2. Friend's earnings are calculated with performance fee excluded.
  6. Exception cases
  7. The reward will not be paid when the Friend's referral code has expired (730+ days after sign-up)
    1. Earn Plus: The Referral Rewards will be paid on the next day of the Referral code expiration date.
    2. Earn Explore: Referral Reward will not be paid if the Referral code expires before the lockup's end date.
  8. Freeze-related exception policies are as follows:
  9. When your Friend's Earn Plus lockup is frozen into a Frost, the Earn Referral Reward payout to the connected Host for this lockup also halts.
    1. The earnings of Frosts are paid into Wallets instead of Earn Plus. So the Earn Referral Reward does not count.
    2. The Earn Referral Reward will be paid to the connected Host when your Friend's Frost is melted into Earn Plus.
    3. When your Friend melts their Frost purchased from Marketplace into an Earn Plus lockup, the Earn Referral Reward for this lockup to the connected Host will resume, and your Friend will receive Earn Plus earnings.
  10. Your Earn Referral Reward won't be deposited if the earnings of your Friend are less than what's shown below: 
      1. BTC:
      2. ETH:
      3. USDT:

Referral Reward will be canceled upon violating the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program.

  1. Reward amount and crypto type
    1. Earn Referral Rewards are paid in the same crypto as the Friend's earnings.
    2. Earn Plus: daily earnings x Earn Referral Reward rate.
    3. Earn Explore: net profit (total profit - performance fee) x Earn Referral Reward rate.


      1. Rewards are deposited into Haru Wallet.
      2. The deposit history can be found as "Earn Referral Reward" in "Recent Transactions" of Haru Wallet.

Referral Level

Host Level

  • There are 3 levels of Host: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.
    • Grade 1: When the Referral Code is issued, the member becomes a Grade 1 Host.
  • Grade 2: When 10 or more connected Friends have accomplished the Referral Mission, the Host upgrades to Grade 2.
    • Even if the Friend terminates their account after accomplishing the Referral Mission, the accumulated number of Friends who have completed the mission will stay the same.
  • Grade 3: Ambassador-level Hosts who match specific standards among the Grade 2 Hosts. The Ambassador program is manually applied by the Grade 2 Hosts and decided after Haru Invest's internal review and evaluation.
  • Applying for Ambassador Program
    • Please refer to the related documents.

Are there different levels or grades for Friends?

  • A Friend has no levels or grades.


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