What should I keep in mind before making a deposit?

Only deposits via the designated networks are allowed.
The supported networks for each cryptocurrency type are as follows:


Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC: Bitcoin Legacy only
Ethereum_icon.pngETH: Ethereum network only
USDT_icon.pngUSDT: ERC-20 only
XRP_icon.pngXRP: Ripple only 
* For XRP, destination tag must fill in; without destination tag fill-in, Haru Invest does not support misdeposited crypto assets)


Also, a deposit from a personal wallet address is available as long as they are our available cryptocurrency with a supported chain network.


However, always double-check the correctness of the deposit address and the network.

Haru Invest is not responsible for any possible asset loss caused by a deposit to a wrong address or via an unsupported network. Deposit address can be changed at any time.
Haru Invest members should always use the correct deposit addresses at a time. 


*For an example of an unsupported network or cryptocurrency :

A Customer sends ETH via BSC, which is not a supported chain in Haru Invest deposit
A Customer sends BUSD, which is not a supported cryptocurrency in Haru Invest deposit

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