What should I keep in mind before making a deposit?

We only accept deposits via designated networks, and the supported networks for each crypto are as follows:

Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC: Bitcoin Legacy, Nested Segwit, Native Segwit, Taproot network only
Ethereum_icon.pngETH: Ethereum network only
USDT_icon.pngUSDT: Ethereum network (ERC-20) only
USDC_icon.jpgUSDC: Ethereum network (ERC-20) only
XRP_icon.pngXRP: Ripple only 

For an XRP deposit, the destination tag is required. Without the tag, Haru Invest won't be able to support your XRP recovery according to customer policy.

Please ensure that the deposit in your personal wallet address matches the crypto type and chain network supported by Haru Invest. 

Haru Invest is not responsible for any possible asset loss caused by a deposit to a wrong address or via an unsupported network. The deposit address can be changed at any time so ensure you enter the correct address at all times. Here're examples of an unsupported network or cryptocurrency:

Scenario A - The customer sends ETH via BSC, which is a chain unsupported by Haru Invest.
Scenario B - The customer sends BUSD, a crypto asset unsupported by Haru Invest. 

For further assistance, please click here to contact our Support team. 

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