About Haru Invest ambassador on the referral program.

1. What is Haru Invest Ambassador?

- Haru Invest ambassadors utilize their influence and abilities to promote Haru Invest in various channels and contribute to the brand's growth.

Haru Invest ambassador creates and promotes content about Haru Invest on channels such as Youtube, social media, community, and blogs.


2. How can I become an ambassador?

- Requirement: Referral Program should be at least level 2 (10 referral mission-completed friends required)


- Procedure to become Haru Invest ambassador:

1) Click here to apply directly.

2) Referral program team will review.

3) Reply mail will be answered within two weeks.

4) Individual meeting will be settled to make a final decision on whether the applicant is suitable and eligible for official Haru Invest ambassador (contract period only limited to 180 days)

5) Once the applicant is promoted to Haru Invest ambassador, level 2 will be upgraded to level 3 with additional benefits.


3. What are the Ambassador benefits?


Basic Benefits -Unlimited Welcome Referral Reward

- One-time reward is given to a referral friend and referral host when a friend completes a referral mission.

- When the invited referral friend creates a lock-up investment worth over $500 , the ambassador and referral friend receive a prize worth $50 (as of October 11, 2022)

- Unlimited number of friends who can be invited to the Haru Invest referral program (unlimited benefits)

- The conditions and the amount of the referral reward listed above are subject to change without any notice from Haru Invest. 


Earn Referral Reward: 5% of total earning made from Earn plus, Earn explore earnings, over a limited time of 730 days. 



Additional Benefits

- Welcome Kit

- Support for ambassador's community event once a quarter

- Invitation to Haru Invest event

- Pre-notice on upcoming product feature updates


Additional incentives will be generated based on performance 

- Detailed information will be provided at meeting with individuals




4. What are the terms and conditions for ambassador activity?

- Contract period: 180 days for the first time appointment

- Contract will be renewed every three months after the first contract expires


Required activity: Haru Invest promotion on the public channel

- Create and mention Haru Invest in promotion videos, blogs, social media posts, and communities.

- Content points are given for each type of content; a minimum content point must be achieved within a quarter.

- Content points are given differently for each type of content, and detailed conditions will be notified separately to the ambassador.

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