Haru Invest Ambassador & Referral Program FAQ

What is Haru Invest ambassador?

Haru Invest ambassadors use their influence and content-creating skills to promote Haru Invest in various channels—YouTube, SNS, community, and blogs—and contribute to the brand's growth.


How can I become an ambassador?

You need to achieve a minimum of level 2 on the Referral Program. To be level 2, you need a minimum of 10 referrals, and your friends must have created a lockup of 90 days or more. Procedure to become a Haru Invest ambassador is as follows:

1) Click here to apply directly.

2) Referral program team will review.

3) Reply mail will be answered within two weeks.

4) A meeting will be held to determine the applicant's eligibility to carry out the role of a Haru Invest ambassador (the contract period is limited to 180 days).

5) Once the applicant is promoted to an ambassador, they will uplevel to level 3 and enjoy additional benefits.


What are the benefits of becoming an ambassador?

Basic Benefits: unlimited Welcome Referral reward

- One-time reward is given to a referral friend and referral host when a friend completes a referral mission.

- You can invite unlimited friends to the Haru Invest referral program (unlimited benefits).

- The conditions and the amount of the referral reward listed above are subject to change at any time without any notice.


Earn Referral Reward: 5% of earnings from Earn Plus and Earn Explore over 730 days. 


Additional Benefits

- Welcome kit

- Support for ambassador's community event every quarter

- Invitation to Haru Invest events

- Pre-notice on upcoming product updates


Additional incentives will be given based on performance 

- Detailed information will be provided at meetings with each individual.


What are the terms and conditions for ambassador activities?

- Contract period: 180 days for the first time appointment.

- Contract will be renewed every three months after the first contract expires.


Required activity: Haru Invest promotion on the public channel

- Create content on YouTube, SNS, blogs, SNS, or communities to promote Haru Invest.

- Points are given for each content based on the type. You must achieve a minimum of 1 content point within a quarter of the year.

- The points system and the details will be explained to the ambassador separately. 

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