Referral Program & Reward FAQ - Temporarily paused at this moment

Currently, the referral program participation is paused as of Oct 21 but this article
is to provide the original information which may not include the current available feature.


Q1. I just signed up with my friend's referral code, but I have not received any reward.

Referral program promotion reward will be issued for those who have signed up with another person's
referral code and create a new lock-up over $500. You could create a lock-up with any of our available
* Make sure you don't confuse the number of cryptocurrencies and the actual market price. 
For instance, you may think 500 USDT is worth exactly $ 500. In fact, it's not always
Our market price standard requirement to join our referral promotion is based on random market price between 23:50 - 23:59:59 of the previous day  listed on CoinMarketCap.

Our Referral program started on Oct 12th. On Day 1, If anyone is willing to participate in our referral promo by creating a new lock-up over $500 , They have to be aware of how much is your crypto asset worth in US dollars.


Q2. I and my referral friends completed the referral promotion, but when do we
receive an extra $100 in BTC?

A2. If you have completed your limited-time offer promotion, you will get $100 within a week from Oct 31st.


Q3. I misunderstood the Refer & Earn promotion requirement of lock-up. So I have made an additional small amount of lockup. Now my total of two lock-ups is worth more than $500. Am I eligible for a reward?

A3. No, total sum of your lockup investments is NOT subjected to the Refer & Earn.
Only a single lock-up over $500 will be counted as eligible for the Refer & Earn promotion.


Q4. I want to create my referral code.

A4. Unlike the beta program, only a randomized referral code will be issued once the account is verified with email and KYC. If you want to see your referral code, please click here to learn how to see yours.


Q5. I didn’t register the referral code at sign-up. Can I register it now?

A5. If you didn't register the referral code on sign-up page, you can't be a referral friend. Instead, you can still become a host to share your referral code.


Q6. My referral earning in Haru Wallet have been significantly reduced or are no longer being paid out.

A6. It is highly likely that one of your referral friend may have closed lock-up investment activity from his/her Earn Plus or Earn Explore. 

Q7. Can I join referral program with a new lock-up over $500 Earn Plus(or Earn Explore) with the minimum lock-up period?    

A7. Yes, it is only valid if your new lock-up investment is worth over $500 when you create your lock-up. In a time when market price constantly changes, We suggest you create a deposit worth more than $500 to meet the required condition. 



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