Thank you for participating in our beta Referral Program!

Your participation and feedback have been invaluable in launching Refer and Earn, our new official referral program. Now that Refer and Earn has officially started, we'd like to show our appreciation with a special reward exclusively for beta program participants like you. 


Thank You Reward

The new Referral Program allows you to earn a 2-5% Earn Referral Reward from Level 2 onwards. Therefore, we'd like to offer an extra reward to those who are in Level 1 and currently has at least one lockup. You'll receive $25 in BTC for a successful sign-up via referral. The sign-up must be followed by a new lockup of $500 or more before Oct 11, 2022 (11:59 PM UTC). Your Thank You Reward will be deposited in your Haru Wallet within a week from Oct 14, 2022.

*You will receive your Thank You reward in BTC on CoinMarketCap's closing price on Oct 10, 2022 (11:59 PM UTC). 


Earn Referral Reward

Invite 10 or more Friends to Haru Invest and get 2% of their earnings when they create a new lockup of $500 or more! Once you receive the Earn Referral Reward, you'll be automatically promoted to referral level 2. You may check your current referral level in the app.



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