Referral FAQs after Referal Program is temporarily paused.


Q1. My referral host grade was level 1/2/3. Am I unable to receive Earn Referral Reward anymore?

Case1. If your referral friend were already KYC verified before Oct 21,02:00 (UTC) and made a deposit worth over $500 afterward(not time-limited), you as host grade 1/2/3 and the referral friend are eligible for Welcome Referral reward (One time only) 

Case2. If your referral friend completed KYC and made a deposit after Oct 21,02:00 (UTC) , you as host grade 1/2/3 won't receive Welcome Referral reward. 


Q2. After Oct 21,02:00(UTC), My host grade level is 2 or 3. Am I unable to receive daily earning as my new referral friends join and create lock-ups? 

A2. As long as you are already at least host grade 2 or 3, you will receive daily earning of at least 2% if you are grade 2 and 5% if you are grade 3. (but since it's after Oct 21, 02:00(UTC), hosts will not receive any Welcome Referral reward. 


Q3. I can still see the Referral Program on my application. Why am I not eligible to receive Welcome Referral reward? 
A3. It is showing the page because your mobile application is the old version. but still, you will not receive the Welcome Referral reward according to our customer policy on Referral Program.


Q4. My referral host grade was level 1 before Oct 21, 02:00(UTC), but I want my colleagues and friends to join Haru Invest referral program. If the number of my referral friends is increased to 10 or above as they complete the sign-up and meet the minimum lock-up requirement, is my current referral host grade will be converted to grade level 2 to receive 2% earning or more?

A4. Until the paused Referral Program is renewed, you cannot upgrade your referral host grade to 2 or 3. but once it's re-opened, your referral host grade will be updated later on.


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