FAQs about the Referral Program (Currently paused as of October 21, 2022, 2 AM UTC)

My current referral host grade is level 1/2/3. Am I eligible for the Referral Program reward?

Yes, you are eligible for the reward as long as your friend is fully verified and deposited at least $500.

My host grade is level 2/3 after October 21, 2022 (2 AM UTC). Am I still eligible for the Referral Program reward?

As long as your host grade is at level 2/3, you will be able to receive daily earnings.

In grade 2, you will receive at least 2% of your daily earnings.
In grade 3, you will receive at least 5% of your daily earnings.

Why am I not eligible for the Welcome Referral reward even though I can still see the 'Referral Program' on the platform?

If you can see the 'Referral Program' on our platform, you have yet to update it to its latest version.

My current host grade is level 1/2. How do I move up to level 2/3?

If you meet the requirement to upgrade your grade, your grade will automatically move up to the next grade.

Here is the requirement to move up to level 2/3:
Level 2: Minimum 10 referrals who have created a lockup of at least 90 days.
Level 3: Successfully appointed an ambassador.

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