Announcement regarding concerning issues about FTX

At Haru Invest, we manage assets on major global exchanges including FTX.

To address directly, we have taken immediate actions and have zero exposure to the current situation with FTX including FTT tokens. Please keep in mind that Haru Invest has NEVER invested in nor traded FTT tokens. 

Nonetheless, we are still carefully monitoring the status of FTX.

To make Haru Invest the most safe and secure platform possible, we develop and operate strategies that do no harm to our members’ assets.

Tracking back to all the downfalls during 2022, Haru Invest has not been impacted by our competitors’ shutdowns. We have had zero security breaches, zero withdrawal halts. This will not change and you can read more about our track record backed by numbers:


Again, we do not rely on other entities. Haru Invest manages our members’ assets independently. If you have any questions and concerns, please reach out to us on our Help Center.

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