The evolvement of Haru Invest's asset management strategies

Haru Invest's asset management knew that starting in 2018, the value of cryptocurrencies as an asset would generally increase. Also, cryptocurrencies would become much more common to entrust the assets to experts and receive the shares of profits generated by them just as it has been in the traditional financial market.

In order to lead the market, we are continuously developing Market Neutral Strategies that focus on increasing the absolute numbers of cryptocurrencies despite their price fluctuations. These strategies have evolved over the past 3 years and it continues to do so as we speak.

In addition to the strategies disclosed through various channels, we are always striving to create new strategies that utilize any types of inefficiencies that exist in the cryptocurrency market. Such strategies involve utilizing cryptocurrency option exchanges and strategies specializing in the tendencies of each cryptocurrency.

Based on the strategies that have proven both stability and profitability, Haru Invest's asset management teams are creating one of the best performances in the market each and every day.

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