What are the selection standards for global asset management partners?

Haru Invest strictly evaluates our global asset management partner candidates based on several types of criteria, including their organization structure, operation strategy, and proven record of more than 18 months of asset management, and we manage our partners thoroughly after the partnership selection as well.

In particular, we take a closer look at their operation strategies. We never select teams with “buy low/sell high” types of strategies. Our partners consist of teams who conduct low-risk and high-frequency trading by utilizing market inefficiency and it is important to prove that their strategies are not affected by the price volatility of BTC and ETH.

Furthermore, we take various due diligence for mutual trust building and check the stability by conducting a test with a small amount.

Only those candidates who made the final cut will be selected as our partners.

Systematic risk management and verification system on partners:

Even after being selected as a partner company, we only start with a small number of assets as a test and gradually increase the scale according to the evaluation results which are held quite regularly. We continue to define risks in various aspects and conduct continuous monitoring and periodic inspections.

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