My account is blocked. How can I restore my access to my account?

There could be various reasons your account is blocked. 
Our security system will block your account automatically or by your will.

      • The system will block your account if there have been multiple times of login failures with wrong login credential input either by yourself or any suspicious access by unknown individuals
      • The system will block your account if there have been recent login attempts made with unusual IP , device, or location.
      • The system will block your account if you decide to secure your account after you receive 'Was this you? 'mail
      • Once the account is blocked, you must contact the Help Center of Haru Invest to unlock the account afterward for the real-time manual verification of the account owner.

Please note that the manual verification procedure is only available through LiveChat with a support representative during business hours and may require a selfie video to proceed.

If you need further assistance, please click here to submit a request or contact us on live chat during available operation hours Monday from 12 AM ~ to Friday 11:59 PM (UTC).

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