Your account may be blocked due to various reasons:

  • Blocked by security system for exceeding the allowable attempts to log in with the wrong credentials
  • Blocked by security system when making a login attempt from an unusual device, location, or IP address is detected.
  • Blocked by a user when tapping 'Secure my account' on the 'Was this you?' email and clicking 'Lock My Account
  • Blocked by admin for account owner's request or when admin finds any abusing activity against ToS

To unblock your account, please click this Manual verification procedue before you request for further assistance.

Please note that you can only unblock your account through LiveChat with a Help Center representative during our operation hours, Mon to Fri, 12 AM - 11:59 PM (UTC).
* Verification procedures, such as a selfie video, will be asked to confirm your identity.

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