What should I do when I receive a notification saying, "KYC failed?"

Being a global platform used by more than 140 countries, we receive various documents—proof of identity and address—from different countries. Upon submission, your documents are reviewed and approved by the AI document reading system of SumSub, a company specializing in identity verification.

Unless your residency or nationality is from a country on the FATF list or subject to UN sanctions, your request will be approved in no time. Please note that you may only use the documents to verify one account. For further information, please contact our Support team at Help Center!

What should I do when I see an "Invalid username or password" message when I try to login?

Please check if the login information you entered is correct and case-sensitive. If the issue recurs, update the auto-complete function on the browser you're currently using and try again.

What should I do when I can't authenticate?

It looks like the system has temporarily locked 2FA in compliance with security protocols. The issue might have been caused by login attempts via the new device from a different location using a different IP address or when the usage of an unknown application is detected. Please contact our Support team during business hours to release the 2FA lock.

What should I do when the OTP authentication method doesn't work on my new device?

There may be various reasons that OTP authentication doesn't function properly or is inaccessible. Please contact our Support team at Help Center and proceed with the authentication process to reset OTP settings.

What should I do when I receive an email saying, "Was this you?"

When a login attempt from an unknown IP address is detected, our system will send an automatic email to the user. If it wasn't you, please click "It was not me" to block your account and contact our Help Center through live chat or submit a request immediately. Fast response is essential for the protection of your assets.

If you've locked your account by yourself, please change the password of the email address registered on Haru Invest as well. To unlock the account later, you should contact our Support team to verify your identity with us. Please note that the verification process is only available through LiveChat with a Help Center representative during business hours—UTC standard—and may require a selfie video from you.

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