What should I do if KYC verification keep being failed?

The proof of identity (POI) and addresses (POA) from various nationalities in Haru Invest are reviewed and approved by the AI document reading system of SumSub, a KYC specialist company.

There could be various reasons as to why your KYC keeps being failed.
We have brought up some common mistakes found in our customer's KYC.

Let's see if any of the below match your case, if it does, you may want to re-try or ask for assistance from Haru Invest's customer support.

    • Make sure your current country of residence or nationality is NOT listed under the Restricted Country List first.
      *Click here for more information.
    • You might have submitted a document or any photo ID that does not have any of your current addresses for POA (Proof of Address)
    • You might have taken a selfie where it's too dark or bright, which makes the AI system cannot identify you.
    • You might have submitted a screenshot or edited file of your document that the AI system will not approve. We advise you to take a photo of your actual legitimate document.
    • You might have submitted a photo of your paper document that was issued over three months ago, or the document itself was too damaged.
    • Haru Invest members cannot have a second personal account with KYC approval. You cannot get KYC approved on your second Haru Invest account if you have your first ID with all KYC completed. KYC system will detect and regard it as a duplicate.

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    • If you are underage, under 18 years old, you cannot get KYC approved.
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If you need further assistance, please click here to submit a request.

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