What happens when I request a withdrawal from Haru Wallet?

      1. When you request a withdrawal, there should be an auto-notification email titled “withdrawal requested” sent from Haru Invest. If you don’t see the mail, please check your mailbox settings and spam mail folder.
      2. The whole withdrawal process takes up to 24 hours to proceed. On average it takes about 10 hours.
      3. When a withdrawal is initiated in Haru Invest, the asset should be withdrawn from the exchange that Haru Invest has been using for algorithmic trading, go through several security protocols to Bitgo cold wallet, then to your address.
      4. All withdrawal requests are processed on a daily processing period varies up to 24 hours.
      5. Upon the withdrawal is completed, the TXID will be automatically sent to you via the notification email titled “Withdrawal Successful”.
        If you did not receive this notification email, it means the withdrawal is still under process, during which it is technically impossible to cancel in mid.
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