How to set up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) OTP

      1. Log in to your account, click More, and then click Security.how_to_set_up_opt_1.PNG
      2. On the Security screen, activate 2-Factor Authentication to add a 2FA method.how_to_set_up_opt_2.PNG
      3. Before adding a 2FA method, the password is required for further settings.how_to_set_up_opt_3.PNG
      4. Choose a 2-Factor Authentication app for OTP code. Google Authenticator is HIGHLY recommended.how_to_set_up_opt_4.PNG
      5. Scan your QR code or copy-paste the address below the QR code to Google Authenticator or Authy.how_to_set_up_opt_5.PNG
      6. 2-Factor Authentication is successfully activated.how_to_set_up_opt_6.PNG



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