• Members can issue Frosts according to the total amount and lockup period of the Earn Plus products they have.
  • When in Frost form, the Earn Plus lockup product will be “frozen” - period will be paused, and Earn Plus daily earnings will not be paid out.
  • When in Frost form, daily earning (of the lockup amount) will be paid based on Haru Wallet earn rates.
  • Frosts of a certain Collection can only be issued within the ongoing Collection season.
  • Frost is available for trading in Marketplace, whereas Earn Plus lockups, if not frozen into Frosts, are not available to trade in Marketplace.
  • Frosts can be melted back into Earn Plus lockup at any time.
  • Once melted, the earn rate of your Earn Plus lockup will recover to the same rate before frozen, and the lockup days counter will recover as well.
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