The system automatically sends this mail when a login attempt from an unusual suspicious IP address is detected.

This alert mail could be sent in the case of the following scenarios:

  • Login attempt made from an unusual device
  • Login attempt made from unusual IP address

* Using VPN is not recommended.

Please note that the time zone in the warning email is UTC standard, which means that each Haru Invest member should adjust this time stamp to the local time zone they are currently living in. 

Even if the time stamp within 'Was this you? ' mail matches the login  time in the local timezone, you should also look at Location and Device information for your account security. 
If you find it was not your login activity and you are concerned about the security of your Haru account, please click “Secure my account” to block your account and contact us immediately for further assistance. 




The faster you take action, the safer you can keep your crypto assets in your account.
If you have locked your account by yourself, please change the password of the email address registered on Haru Invest as well.

Once the account is blocked, you must contact the Help Center of Haru Invest to unlock the account afterward for the real-time manual verification of the account owner.

Please note that the manual verification procedure is only available through live chat with a Help Center representative during business hours and may require a selfie video to proceed.

If you need further assistance, please click here to submit a request or contact us on live chat during available operation hours Monday from 12 AM ~ to Friday 11:59 PM (UTC).

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