Why did I receive a "Was this you?" email, and what should I do?

Our system automatically sends this mail when a login is attempted from an unusual device or IP address.

The use of VPN is not recommended.

If you receive a 'Was this you?' email, please ensure that the time stamp, location, and device are correct.

If not, please tap 'Secure my account' to block your account and contact us immediately for further assistance. In the meantime, please change your password.



The faster you take action, the safer you can keep your crypto assets in your account.

If you have locked your account by yourself, please change the password of the email address registered on Haru Invest. Please note that you can only unblock your account through LiveChat with a Help Center representative during our operation hours, Mon to Fri, 12 AM - 11:59 PM (UTC). Verification procedures, such as a selfie video, will be asked to confirm your identity.

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