Maturity date has passed. Why have I not received my principal and earnings?

For all Earn Explore products, the settlement work after maturity takes up to 3 business days, then the fees will be charged if any, and the principal and earnings will be transferred to the Haru Wallet. 

All of the times mentioned in Haru Invest announcements and services are based on the UTC time zone, as we are serving users from over 140 countries around the world with very different time zones. We would appreciate it if you could take the time difference into account when any time-related issues are concerned.

As Haru Invest aims for a global standard service, each country’s local holidays are not included, but only weekends (Sat/Sun) are excluded from the business days.

The settlement of Haru Invest's Earn Explore performance has never exceeded 3 business days since the launch of the service.

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