What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for Haru Wallet?

Haru Wallet is the first step for you to start investing with Haru Invest, which also acts as a bridge between other products such as Earn Plus and Earn Explore. You may deposit an unlimited amount on Haru Wallet, but we have a minimum deposit amount as follows:

Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC: 0.0001 BTC
Ethereum_icon.pngETH: 0.005 ETH
USDT_icon.pngUSDT: 1 USDT
usdc.jpgUSDC: 1 USDC
XRP_icon.pngXRP: 10 XRP

Please note that you won't have to pay any additional fee for depositing your asset in Haru Wallet. However, there's a maximum limit of the assets you can generate daily earnings. If you wish to know the maximum limit for Haru Wallet, please click here.

Please make the most of different Haru Earn products and the benefits of compound earnings to grow your portfolio.


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