Transaction Statement for CoinTracking

You can find the transaction statement through the app.

  1. Go to 'More' and tap 'Transaction History'transaction.jpg
  2. Select the year you want to downloadIMG_5243.PNG
  3. Select 'CoinTracking' to download the CSV file in the required formatIMG_0230.PNG
  4. Create an account on the CoinTracking websiteCointracking1.png
  5. Go to 'Enter Coins', select 'Exchange Imports (CSV)', and select 'Haru' from the options Cointracking2.png
  6. Import the downloaded CSV file Cointracking3.png
  7. You've successfully imported your Haru Invest trading transactions

Please note that Haru Invest provides templates for CoinTracking and does not issue specific tax forms.

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