My Earn Explore product should be ending, why hasn't it reached the maturity date yet?

Earn Explore products' durations are as follows:

Earning Like the Best
3 Months +
Surf with the Volatility
1 Months +
Beyond Staking
3 Months +
Farming Just Got Easier
3 Months +

This means the product will be ending at the end of the month after the 1st or 3rd month, according to the product.

We mention the '+' sign as to indicate it is not based on the number of days, for example 30/31 days, but based on the calendar month, which can eventually be added up to over 30/31 days.

For instance, if a Surf with the Volatility lock up was created on Feb 10th, the product would be ending, not on Mar 10th, but Mar 31st, according to the calendar month, as shown in the below picture from the website.


On the Haru Invest website, you can see the different maturity dates when linked through to the respective Earn Explore products.

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