If you're a Haru Invest member, you can earn your unique Badge based on how long you've been with us, how much total earnings you've made, and your BTC rank. You can unlock different badges by meeting the conditions as follows:

Based on length of being a Haru Invest member

Seed Sprout Tree

Badge name: Seed 

Condition: Earn for 1 day to unlock this badge.

Based on total earnings received

Burger Sneakers Watch

Badge name: Burger

Condition: Earn $10 in compound earnings to unlock this badge.

Based on BTC Rank

Shrimp Octopus Lobster Dolphin Shark Whale

Badge name: Shrimp

Condition: You must own 0.0001 BTC to unlock this badge.


Once you earn your badge, it will be permanently yours.

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