• You cannot choose a nickname that is already in use.
  • You may be restricted from using Community if your nickname contains profanity, slurs, defamatory content, obscene or sexually explicit content, or other offensive words irrespective of the mode of expression (slang, numbers, symbols, etc.).

Posts and Comments

Posts and/or comments that pertain to the following instances may be deleted and users who write such posts and/or comments may be restricted from using Community.

  1. Spam and unsolicited advertising
    • Publishing repetitive posts or comments
    • Promoting or advertising products or services unrelated to Haru Invest
    • Introducing, promoting, or advertising (quasi-)investment advisory businesses, collective investment businesses, loan businesses, or investment funds.
    • Publishing posts or comments for the purpose of promotion, advertising, or new-user recruitment.
  2. Hate speech and harassment
    • Publishing posts that contain profanity, slander, insults, defamation, or other offensive words that may be expressed as slang, numbers, or symbols.
    • Expressing violence or harm towards people or animals
  3. Impersonation and deceptive activity
    • Impersonating or using an identity that is not your own
    • Impersonating public figures or institutions
  4. Sharing of personal information
    • Disclosing your or any other person’s real name, personal identification numbers, phone number, email address, or any other personal information.
    • Publishing your or any other person’s contact information (phone number, email address, group chat link, chat ID)
  5. Obscenity, sexual exploitation, and abuse
    • Publishing posts or comments that are obscene, sexually explicit, or reference sexual exploitation
    • Using words or phrases that are sexually explicit or suggestive of such
  6. Harm and abuse towards minors (users who engage in such behavior will be reported to authorities and permanently banned from Community)
    • Promoting or instigating obscenity, violence, death, hateful speech and behavior, drug use, and other subjects harmful toward minors
    • Promoting, inciting, participating in, or aiding and abetting cyberbullying and harassment involving minors
  7. Illegal activity
    • Publishing content that could be suspected of infringement upon other persons’ intellectual property rights or unauthorized reproduction of another person’s work
    • Engaging in the spread of rumors, fraud, leakage of undisclosed information, or activity related to illegal trading or market manipulation (e.g., buying and selling bank accounts, trading accounts, and/or digital asset wallets; buying and selling digital assets in collusion with another at an agreed price and/or at an agreed time; submitting a large volume of ask/bid prices at which transactions are unlikely to be concluded, or by repeatedly correcting or canceling ask/bid prices after submitting them; promoting, introducing, advertising, soliciting participation in, tempting other users, or plotting in connection with organizations or forces involved in market manipulation)
    • Soliciting person-to-person transactions or investments or engaging in activity for profit
    • Taking advantage of and capitalizing on sensitive events such as terrorism, earthquakes, and other disasters.
  8. Unrelated to topic
    • Publishing posts unrelated to the selected topic
    • Publishing comments unrelated to the corresponding post
    • Publishing content that contains political opinions and commentary unrelated to the selected topic
  9. Disruption of Community
    • Inciting fear and uncertainty with disruptive content such as political commentary or instigation.
    • Interfering with the management and operation of Haru Invest and all relevant products and services

With respect to all reported posts and comments, Haru Invest carefully reviews whether they are in compliance with our Community Guidelines.

  • If the reported post or comment is found to be in violation of any of the Community Guidelines, it will be deleted and the user who published said post or comment will be restricted from using Community (all other products will still be available for use).
  • Not all reported posts or comments will be deleted, as we review all content according to our Community Guidelines. Posts or comments that are not reported may also be deleted without prior notice if they are found to be in violation of the Community Guidelines.
  • Restrictions are imposed based on the number of posts and/or comments you’ve published that have been reported and deleted. 10 or more deleted posts and/or comments will result in a permanent ban from Community.

Number of deleted posts and/or comments Restriction duration
1 1 day
2 2 days
3 3 days
4 4 days
5 5 days
6 6 days
7 7 days
8 8 days
9 9 days
10 Permanent ban


  •    Restricted Community users will not be allowed to publish, edit, or delete posts and/or comments.

Additional Rules

  • Community Guidelines are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • Community may be terminated at any time at the discretion of Haru Invest.
  • Please contact Haru Invest Help Center for all questions or concerns.
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