Official Referral Program (Conditions applied)

The Haru Invest official Referral Program is now opened for our members in Latin America, Spain and Mexico (restricted nationals mentioned below).

Please note, nationals refer to the nationality.

    • How to participate and what are the rewards? 
      • Share my referral code to a friend.
      • The friend must then create...
        • An Earn Plus product of a minimum of 30 days of $100. We recommend you to do a bit more than $100 to ensure the lockup is considered. OR
        • Any Earn Explore product of $100 (no additional limitations, other than the usual requirements).
      • Both the host and friend will receive a 10 USDT reward as a 15-day Earn Plus product right away.
        Please note...
        • The Welcome Referral Rewards are not available to be sold on the Marketplace.
        • It will be sent to your Wallet first and then changed to an Earn Plus product automatically.
        • For the friend, it will only be rewarded once. For more information, please see here.
    • What are the requirements or restrictions?
      • Only certain nationals from Latin America, Spain and Mexico are eligible to join. These countries include:
        • Argentina
        • Uruguay
        • Chile
        • Paraguay
        • Bolivia
        • Peru
        • Ecuador
        • Colombia
        • Costa Rica
        • Honduras
        • El Salvador
        • Guatemala
        • Mexico
        • Dominican Republic
        • Spain
        • Brazil
      • Residents from certain restricted countries from Latin America will not be able to receive benefits from the Referral Program. These countries include:
        • Surinam
        • Guyana
        • Falkland Islands
        • Panama
        • Nicaragua
        • Venezuela
      • For the Welcome Referral Reward, should you have received it during our previous program, you will no longer be able to receive it this time.
      • Any lockups created from an internal transaction will not be rewarded.

Please note the referral program does not apply to Haru Wallet, Freeze, Haru Switch and Haru Mining.

The Referral Program's end date is yet to be confirmed. It will be continued until further notice.

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