Enjoy your one-time offer to get 50% APR. 

This is your chance to experience Haru Invest's product, available for all users, new and existing, without any long-term commitment.

How to participate: 

Simply create a 7-day Earn Plus lockup. There is a maximum limit of $300 USD and minimum amount is according to the Earn Plus lockup requirements (available from app version 5.2.1 and above).


  • This product can only be used once per account.
  • Your lockup will end 7 days after the start date and this date cannot be modified.
  • Your assets will remain locked up until the predetermined end date.
  • During the lockup period, you will be able to withdraw your earnings, but not your principal. If you do not withdraw your earnings, they will be applied to your daily compound earnings.
  • Once your lock up ends, your earnings and principal will be automatically transferred to Haru Wallet within 24 hours.
  • This product cannot be auto-renewed or sold on Freeze Marketplace. 

Please note this promotion is not applicable for the Welcome Reward. Should you wish to receive the Welcome Reward along with the benefits of this One-time Earn Plus promotion, we recommend you create two separate lockups.

This promotion is an on-going promotion, however, it may be subject to change, and it will be announced should it be the case.

Please contact our Support team here if you have any questions about the promotion.

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