The 2nd round of Haru Mining product is open

Haru Mining provides daily BTC dividends through USDT/USDC staking at our mining site in Paraguay. Users benefit from a fixed annual dividend rate and the return of their principal after the lockup period.

Refer to the chart below for the specifications of the current round of Haru Mining:

  • Available principal cryptocurrency type: USDT / USDC
  • Lockup period: 1 year
  • Dividend Rate: 12% (fixed number)
  • Daily dividend BTC amount: BTC per USDT/USDC (fixed number)
  • Pool size: 100,000 USDT / 100,000 USDC
  • Min investment: 10 USDT / 10 USDC
  • Max per lockup: 100,000 USDT / 100,000 USDC
  • Open date: Jun 12 2023 00:00 UTC
  • Close date: Jun 26 2023 00:00 UTC (may close earlier if the pool is fully subscribed before close date)

If you want to lock up more than 100,000 USDT/USDC in this round, you have to create multiple Haru Mining lockups.

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