The company would like to take this opportunity and inform its investors about the measures of suspension of deposit and withdrawal service that have been taken today.

First of all, the company sincerely apologizes that its latest announcement has caused concerns to our valued investors and customers. We ensure you that we will identify the issue thoroughly and inform you of the process transparently.

Recently, we have discovered through our internal inspection process that certain information provided by a consignment operator was suspected to be false. After careful investigation, we concluded that immediate suspension of transactions was necessary to protect our investors. We are currently engaging in a fact-finding process against the operator in question and plan to take necessary measures.

We regret that several media articles on this topic contained information that are factually inaccurate. In particular, we like to ensure our investors that claims about "Rug Pull” mentioned in some reports are not true at all. We are now fully working on the matter, and committed to protecting our investors. We will provide you with further updates as soon as it’s available.

Once again, we deeply apologize for causing concerns and inconveniences for our valued customers and investors over this matter.

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