Dear investors and users, 

We are trying our best to expedite the investigation process and fact-finding mission about the deceptive behavior of BNS Holdings (formerly known as Aventus), whom we have taken legal action against, as well as making our utmost efforts to seek for ways to recover damages caused by this matter. We have also requested investment details of BNS Holdings to estimate the exact amount of damages caused on us, and have sent out a certified mail in this regard.

While it is difficult to provide details due to the ongoing legal proceedings, we have identified and confirmed that BNS Holdings submitted false investment valuation in its management report, even though it had incurred great losses on our part. We also came to recognize that BNS Holdings has caused losses incurred by managing assets in violation of the management principles agreed upon with us.

We have been receiving inquiries from investors and users since the company’s measures to suspend withdrawal and deposit service. We sincerely apologize that we have not been able to respond to individual inquiries and cause users’ concerns. As we have stressed before, we are doing our best to recover from the damage and protect our investors. We ask for your patience and generous understanding for any shortcomings in our response.

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