Dear Haru Invest Member,

First of all, as the CEO of Haru Invest, I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for causing concerns in the wake of the recent incident. I understand that I should have explained the situation sooner to everyone and asked for your understanding, but it got delayed because the most important thing for us was to figure out the scale of damage and recovery plans under the urgent situation. I am truly sorry once again for this.

We've been explaining about the current situation and progress through the company statement three times so far, but we understand that it's still far from enough. We are sorry about this as well.

However, we believe that conveying and sharing the current situation transparently is what we must do, so we plan to continue to inform you of our progress through our communication channel continuously.

We are currently addressing the matters related to Haru Invest as follows:

  • We are pursuing legal action against B&S Holdings for fraud, embezzlement, and other allegations. In the course of these legal actions, we are also gathering facts, including determining the extent of the damage. We will share relevant information based on our fact-finding at the appropriate time.
  • We understand that a number of users have taken legal action against our company. We plan to cooperate fully with the authorities to ensure that the facts are quickly and accurately identified and that our position is represented based on the findings.
  • However, we believe that our priority at the moment is to focus on our legal action against B&S Holdings since the company is considered the root of the issue. First and foremost, we will focus on establishing the facts of the situation and recovering damages for our customers.


The followings are steps the company has taken so far along with notices and messages sent via communication channels including media.

  • The Morning of June 13: Suspended deposits and withdrawals immediately after the incident to minimize the impact on investors.
  • The Evening of June 13: Identified the issue with a consignment operator and announced that rumors about "Rug pull" is untrue.
  • The Evening of June 14: Announced the name of the consignment operator (B&S Holdings) and that legal action was underway.
  • The Evening of June 16: Announced legal action against B&S Holdings initiating with certified mail and investigation thereafter.
  • The Afternoon of June 19: Notified general public about the status of Haru Invest products regarding the current situation.

Executives at Haru Invest including myself are fully cooperating with the authorities. I would like to emphasize that I am not evading this situation nor running away from it.

Even if it takes time to determine and recover assets from B&S Holdings, I will continue to focus on recouping the losses of our investors. I deeply regret that this procedure may have caused any inconveniences on our investors.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at: We'll try as best as we can to revert to your inquiries.


Haru Invest

CEO Hugo Lee

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