We are here to inform you about the current situation and progress.
As stated in the CEO's letter, we are prioritizing the recovery of damages made and the confirmation of facts by taking legal action against B&S Holdings.
Currently, we are unable to disclose much information regarding the investigation process. However, we will share the details once it becomes available.
After much consideration, it comes with a heavy heart to inform you that we will be minimizing the operations of Haru Invest and its affiliated companies to prevent further damages that are likely to be incurred.
Our executive team is committed to addressing this situation and providing legal responses regardless of location. We will also cooperate by providing administrative and legal support to Haru team members when necessary.
We are currently finding the optimal platform to communicate with you regarding our operations. We will notify you once it is decided. And We will get back to those who have reached out to us at contact@haruinvest.com

  • We are currently finding the best way to communicate with you and will notify you once an optimal method.
  • All questions sent to contact@haruinvest.com will be answered on Monday.
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