Haru Invest's Members sent many inquiries through contact@haruinvest.com. After collecting and organizing the contents of the inquiries, we could confirm that the inquiries were grouped into several.

Since it is difficult to reply to each person due to the number of inquiries, we decided to give an official answer to the collected inquiries as follows.


Q. How much money has Haru Invest entrusted to B&S? Are there any asset losses at other asset managing partners or internal asset management teams besides B&S, and what is the percentage of losses compared to total AUM?

We are still trying to determine the extent of the losses at B&S. We do not know the exact amount of assets remaining with B&S, so we ask for your kind understanding that this is taking some time. We will provide an update as soon as we know the exact amount of assets.

Assets entrusted to internal asset management teams and other asset managing partners are being returned. We have yet to find that any assets managed by the internal asset management team and other asset managing partners have incurred losses. We can provide an approximate percentage of losses once we have returned all assets under management and the credits and debts have been finalized.


Q. What is the plan and schedule for distributing the remaining assets?

We first need to return the assets under management by each management team sequentially to distribute the remaining assets. As the return of assets will take time, it is difficult to predict when we will be able to distribute the remaining assets to customers, and we are considering multiple rounds of distribution. We will provide a more detailed distribution plan as the legal process progresses.


Q. What are the differences in the distribution plans for Earn Plus and Earn Explore?

It is challenging to provide a clear answer as the size and percentage of investment losses have yet to be finalized. We will update you as soon as we have a decision, as we need to align with the legal process and our plans for distributing customer assets.


Q. Are there any plans for receivership and sale?

We are trying to recover and return the user's assets. The sale of the company's assets to cover losses is also under consideration, and we are also taking steps to reduce operating costs to prevent further asset losses and outflows.


Q. If I don't take legal action, will I not be compensated for my losses?

We are currently reviewing and preparing measures to return customer assets. As long as your legal rights are recognized, not filing a lawsuit will not prevent you from receiving compensation for your losses.

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