How long does it take to withdraw from Haru Wallet?

In general, withdrawal will be completed within 10 hours from your withdrawal request. This is due to the multiple exchange requests we get, and we go through our security protocols for each exchange.

However, depending on when you requested for withdrawal, the whole withdrawal process may take up to 24 hours from our last snapshot point.

If your withdrawal request time has exceeded 24 hours by any chance, please contact our customer support for immediate action (but please ensure you have withdrawn your crypto asset with the correct transaction information).

Additional details regarding the withdrawal process can be found here.

  • For S.Korea Haru Invest members, please be aware of the following:

Currently, in the case of direct deposits/withdrawals between Haru Invest and South Korea-based exchanges, your withdrawal may be restricted due to the FATF Travel Rule.

Please note Haru Invest currently only supports transactions with UpBit, and that transactions with other Korean exchanges are not supported and may cause permanent asset loss.

You need to double-check the address and blockchain network being used before depositing at Haru Wallet. The wrong deposit address or unsupported network will cause permanent asset loss.

Withdrawing Over 1M KRW Withdrawing Under 1M KRW
Due to the Travel Rule, your Haru Invest and UpBit account info (name and DOB) must be the same in order to complete your withdrawal.


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