What is Earn Plus and Earn Explore?

Haru Earn consists of two fixed-term lock-up products, Earn Plus and Earn Explore.

Haru Invest utilizes the customers’ deposits for investment purposes only, which are managed by in-house trading team and rigorously-selected global asset management partners to achieve target returns via a variety of investment strategies based on market conditions and the volatilities.


Earn Plus products are flexible in the lock-up period. The longer the crypto asset is locked, the higher the return is calculated. The earnings are paid out daily and available for compounding if not withdrawn.


Earn Explore products have an uncustomizable fixed lock-up period. The performance report is updated on every 15th day and the last day of the month.


There's an auto-renewal function in the settings of both Earn Plus and Earn Explore functions for a convenient long term investment.

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