Which countries are currently restricted for KYC?

Currently, Haru Invest does not allow approval of individual KYC information belonging to specific countries specified by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and countries currently subjected to the UN & OFAC sanctions.

Thus, if your KYC is kept being rejected or disapproved, it is highly likely that your current country of residence or nationality is NOT listed under the Restricted Country List below.

KYC applicants who fall under the restricted country list below cannot be approved even if they may contact customer support for further assistance.

FATF UN Sanction OFAC Sanction
Flag: Albania on Apple iOS 15.4Albania
Flag: Barbados on Apple iOS 15.4Barbados
Flag: Burkina Faso on Apple iOS 15.4Burkina Faso
Flag: Cambodia on Apple iOS 15.4Cambodia
Flag: Cayman Islands on Apple iOS 15.4Cayman Islands
Flag: Haiti on Apple iOS 15.4Haiti
Flag: Jamaica on Apple iOS 15.4Jamaica
Flag: Jordan on Apple iOS 15.4Jordan
Flag: Mali on Apple iOS 15.4Mali
Flag: Malta on Apple iOS 15.4Malta
Flag: Morocco on Apple iOS 15.4Morocco
Flag: Myanmar (Burma) on Apple iOS 15.4Myanmar
Flag: Nicaragua on Apple iOS 15.4Nicaragua
Flag: Pakistan on Apple iOS 15.4Pakistan
Flag: Panama on Apple iOS 15.4Panama
Flag: Philippines on Apple iOS 15.4Philippines
Flag: Senegal on Apple iOS 15.4Senegal
Flag: South Sudan on Apple iOS 15.4South Sudan
Flag: Syria on Apple iOS 15.4Syria
Flag: Turkey on Apple iOS 15.4Turkey
Flag: Uganda on Apple iOS 15.4Uganda
Flag: United Arab Emirates on Apple iOS 15.4United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Flag: Yemen on Apple iOS 15.4Yemen
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